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Endless Exercise Pool Tel: 01536 420400
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Bespoke Exercise Pools

If our Dolphin Sport or Premium Exercise Pool packages do not really suit your own requirements, no problem. We can custom build an exercise pool to meet those requirements. Size, depth, construction method, counter current system, you choose whichever option you want. With so much choice it is difficult to provide a price but we have provided a guide price based on a typical previous exercise pool project.

We are happy to talk through any of your ideas, give advice and provide a price for any proposed project. Simply contact us on 01536 420400 or send a message here.

Example - Bespoke Exercise Pool Project

Brief - Client wanted a traditionally constructed pool with a sloping depth, with internal corner steps and a counter current system to enable daily exercise in a restricted area. The pool was be be enclosed using a traditional, conservatory type structure to blend in with the existing property and gardens.

After consulting with the client and going through their options they decided on a block built pool with a vinyl liner. The counter current was a Badu Jet through the pool wall system. See step by step photos below to see the various stages of the project from start to completion.  

Excavation begins

Pool walls blockwork

Pool floor screed and provision for through the wall counter current unit

Pool floor shape

Underlay before liner fitting

Fitting the liner

Cutting in liner around corner step unit

Finishing off liner and filling pool

Pool filled, copings on and pool surround tiled.

Pool complete - corner step unit allowing easy access

Pool complete - counter current unit through the wall at opposite end

Project complete - conservatory style pool building housing the bespoke exercise pool

The typical price for a bespoke pool as above (not including the pool building) would be approximately £25,000.

Pool size - 6m x 4m with sloping depth. Blockwork and liner construction with Badu Jet through the wall counter current unit. Pool heated using a 12.5kw SwimPool Heat Pump.

This is just an example of a bespoke pool project, there are many options which means you can have your dream exercise pool. Contact us for a no obligation chat about your requirements. Telephone 01536 420400 or send us a message here.

Any Questions

Mark Jackson Panache Pools

Counter Current Options

Your exercise pool will require a unit to generate the current for you to swim against. There are several options and the model you choose mainly depends on your own personal requirements. If you just require a rather gentle swim, you will only require a less powerful unit. However, if you require a unit to provide for vigorous training you will want a more powerful model. Also when building a bespoke pool, you will most likely prefer a counter current unit either built into the pool wall or fixed to the pool wall. Here are some examples below and take a look at our Counter Current page.

swimming pool counter current badu jet vogue counter current fastlane counter current unit

Built in, through the wall counter current options

Endless Pools Fastlane wall hung unit

Exercise Pool Heating Options

By their very nature, Exercise Pools are usually smaller than your average sized swimming. As result, their running costs are significantly lower. Heating your pool is a major consideration and with a bespoke pool you have several options available to you. Which heating option is best for you will depend on several factors, such as location of the pool, indoors or outdoors, existing supply for example. But generally we would recommend an air source heat pump. Our SwimPool Heat Pumps are one of the most economical ways to heat your pool water. For every £1 of electricity you get the equivalent of £5 worth back.  We will explain and advise on the best heating options dependant on your requirements.

SwimPool heat pumps

SwimPool Heat Pump

Bespoke Exercise Pools. Exercise pools build to order. Choice of swimming pool counter current units from brands like Endless Pools Fastlane, Badu, AquaJet. Bespoke pools from swimming pool builders Panache Pools.

Ask Mark

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More Swimming Pool Options

If you would like to consider other swimming pool options why not visit our main website at www.PanachePools.com. We design, build and install swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, in a variety of construction methods. We also supply and install hot tubs, saunas plus pool and hot tub enclosures. We also provide a full maintenance and repair service as well as selling a full range of swimming pool and hot tub chemicals, supplies, equipment and accessories. We are based in Northamptonshire, at the largest swimming pool and hot tub show site in the area. We have pools, hot tubs, sauna cabins and pool enclosures on display, along with a shop selling chemicals, equipment and accessories. You can find us here.